About Us

Pick and Choose Wholesale Clothing opened it's doors in Stellenbosch July 2023 however the owner have been "wheeling and dealing" the second hand clothing industry/bales since 2014.

As fast fashion increases day by day, our company strive to give quality clothing a second chance to find a new owner. 

With the economy decreasing day by day, the buying and selling of clothing bales is not only a profitable business to participate in but also helps communities save a large amount of finances by supplying a high quality product for a very affordable price!

At Pick and Choose you will find more then just buying our bales as we believe in building a returning customer base. Our team wish help you discover your clients and their needs as in the long run it becomes a win-win for both of us. 

At Pick and Choose you can purchase sealed bales or you can visit our store at 1 Bridge Street where you can browse through thousands of items in store and hand-pick your favorites. 

Come Pick and Choose at us!